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Firelizard Weyr

You enter the spacious cavern.
"This is the firelizard weyr." Phoenix remarks.
Suddenly a green lightning bolt shoots by your ear. You yell in alarm, only to see the green firelizard land on Phoenix's shoulder, chittering angrily. Phoenix laughs. "And this is a firelizard." The green purrs.

" Her name is Thistle. Isn't she beautiful? Thistle's from Riveth's Weyr . She was my first firelizard ever! She can take you to the residents of the mountains, you know, the people and the dragons that aren't mine. Thistle's really good at finding things, so she's in charge of the other residents of Lyria too. Oh, and be careful...there are some vampires. Most of them are friendly."

Note: Unless specifically stated otherwise, all Personas were drawn by me. They are NOT up for Adoption, so DON'T take them. Their Adopted are from their respective agencies, so don't take them either, just follow the link and get your own!

RowanVampireVorethSentry, Wants SuvaSuva from Unyko's Valley, Sentry from Vermi's Place
MidnightHumanNothing, yetWants Ryo Nami DragonRyo Nami
JadeHumanNothingWants DragonNowhere
AlexHumanNothingWants DragonNowhere
SorkaHumanNothingWants DragonNowhere

"Well, that's about it. You might as well go outside ."