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You struggle up the mountain pass, breathing hard. It's very difficult. Suddenly, your way is blocked. It looks like an avalanche blocked up the path. A long time ago too, from the plants growing in the crevices. You pant and lean against a tree, wondering how you are going to get out of this one. Sliding down the tree's smooth trunk, you end up on the rocky ground. Staring up into the sky, you notice that the sun seems to be moving visibly faster accross the sky. AND it's getting bigger. Soon you realize that the bright object you mistook for the sun is actually a gryphon, coming in for a landing.
Quickly you stand up and brush yourself off. The gryphon lands with amazing accuracy on the gravelly ground. He bows, bending his eagle foreparts. You bow back, squinting at his gleaming feathers.

"Greetings, traveler." rasps the gryphon. "I am Sol, the mountain guide. Would you like me to carry you over the rockslide?"
"Yes, please. Thank you!" You clamber onto Sol's broad back, wondering what to hold on to. Sol suddenly jumps into the air, beating his wings energetically. The problem of handholds is soon solved as you clasp Sol's neck for dear life. Once you are high enough, Sol begins the wheeling glide of a bird of prey. In this manner you descend to a plateau-ish type place.
"Welcome to the mountains! Feel free to explore. You know, this place is as beautiful as my homeland, Gryphon Moon , though in its own way. Well, farewell! And good luck!"
You, resisting the urge to kiss the wonderful, unmoving earth, say goodbye to the great golden gryphon.

From where you're standing you can see a couple of caves .

If you want to leave the mountains, there's a thin trickle of water running by your feet.