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    As many of you know, Tasuki is a main character in an anime/manga called Fushigi Yuugi (The Mysterious Play). A girl named Miaka finds a magical book in the library and is transported to the Universe of the Four Gods. There she becomes the Suzaku no Miko. Her task is to find the seven seishi and summon Suzaku, in order to save Konan. Tasuki is one of them.
    Anyway, I'm Kestrel. Also known as Tasuki no Naien. And this is a shrine to Tasuki! Tasuki is by far the coolest of the seven seishi! He has this kawaii iron fan called a tessen, and it shoots flames, and he has FANGS! Wai! He's also very fast, hence the name, "Fire Arrow". Of the shrine, I mean. Go ahead and explore!
    Oh ya... I made EVERYTHING here, including the background and the code, unless specifically stated otherwise. Steal anything and die burning. Thank you. ^.~
    Disclaimer: You know what I'm going to say... Tasuki is not mine, he's Watase Yuu's (noooo! mineminemine!) so don't sue me.
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