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Welcome! Fell free to use these graphics on non-commercial pages. Commercial peoples, email me to negotiate. If you have a request, like adding custom text to logos, email me and maybe I'll do it for you. When you decide on which graphics you want to use, please sign the registry.
- Kestrel

      Zelgadiss- a large collection of Zelly graphics. Mostly purple.

    Fushigi Yuugi
      Tasuki- This one is more like a set. Fireish colored. This is my favorite of all the graphics I've made so far.

      Jeanne- a partly-color image. This would look really good as a title image. I'm breaking my own rule: You are allowed to edit this a little (to make banners, image maps, etc) and resize it, it's kinda big. I like this one, might use it myself. ^.~

A text link is okay, but be nice... use a banner!

This site is c2000 Kestrel of Elerealm
Note: The set used on this site is *not* up for grabs. I made everything here from one image: the background. This layout and buttons, logos, etc. are not available for usage.
I made all of these using Adobe Photoshop 5.5. If you would like to know how I made something, ask and I'd be glad to tell you. Maybe I'll even put up a tutorial.
Background from Absolute Background Textures.