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Font used was Viner Hand ITC, my personal favorite. ^.~ Go here for a blank version.

I like this background. I was going to use it for my Zelgadiss Fan Club, but it was a bit morbid...besides, I've had enough of purple, what with Za Kyoushu no Ken! Anyway, you can use the background with this layout (go to View -> Source up at the top menu in order to get the code). Get it using 'Save Background as' or go here.

    Or, you can try it just like this.
    Personally, I like the other way better.
    You can't see this very well.

Font used here is Viner Hand ITC.

For Dark Backgrounds:
For Light Backgrounds:

Everyone knows how to use *bars*, right? ^.~ These are really fun to make... they take a few seconds in Photoshop... so I made a bunch!

Zel Guestbook Icon-thingy
It's a two-piece image, because I don't know how to do image maps. And unless someone tells me, this is going to stay two-piece. Put them together using a table. Code for this here.

Note: You don't have to use these graphics as a set. Remember to link me!

Disclaimer: Zelgadiss and Slayers are all property of someone *else*. He/they are not mine, much as I wish they were, and the graphics used to make these graphics aren't mine either, they are owned by whoever draws/ animates/ owns Slayers. Ya. Please don't sue me, I'm just a poor 8th grader. You'd have to sell me into slavery. And that wouldn't be very nice.